Ecological Hosting

All services for new customers are provisioned, billed and supported by:

Affordable Internet Services Online, Inc.
25655 Louisa Lane, Romoland, California 92585
Telephone: +1 951 928 8190

Legacy Services

All legacy services (customers registered prior to October 2015 and not yet migrated to the new services) are operated by Athenaeum Limited.

Athenaeum Limited

Company Number 03800266

Incorporated under the Companies Act 1985 as a private company limited by shares at Companies House, Cardiff on the 2nd July 1999.

Ecological Hosting is a trading style of Athenaeum Limited.

For more information about our business and corporate policies, please select the relevant page from within the Company drop down menu.

Why a Limited Company?

From time to time we are asked by founders of Co-operatives, Community Interest Companies, non-profits and such like, why we chose this particular company setup.

The truth is it kind of chose us.

Back in 1999 when the company was first created, we dealt with a number of very large organisations who practically insisted that we had to be a limited company and not a sole trader. So unlike many small businesses we never went through the sole trader / partnership phase.  We started from day one as a limited company.

We started trading as Ecological Hosting in August 2005 and on a number of occasions we have reconsidered our company structure. We always come to the same conclusion though:

Operating as a limited company gives us the most flexibility in how we operate.  We are free to choose how and where we put our money and resources and we are able to make decisions and action them rapidly.

Our clients enjoy the benefit of being able to speak to someone who has the power to make decisions and action it immediately as necessary.

Co-operatives and Community Interest Companies also add overheads. We are a small business and the extra cost of year end processes etc, would ultimately have to be passed on to our clients. So to keep things relatively simple and cost efficient, we remain as we are.

Our policy documents show our stance on various issues and explain how we operate. Even though we’re a private limited company, we operate in an open and honest way.

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