London Enfield Data Centre Specification




The UK data centre has a fully resilient meshed network with multiple circuits from various providers via multiple sites in order to guarantee service reliability and network resiliency.

Juniper and Cisco powered network utilising the most advanced self-healing attributes available allowing them to deliver on their 100% infrastructure availability guarantee.

They also ensure that their network is never contended and upgrades are installed whenever they reach 50% of available capacity.



They do not rely on any single connectivity provider; instead employing multiple providers over their fully redundant fibre ring allows them to guarantee a 100% availability uptime.

The deployment of multiple connectivity providers allows them to re-route data should one or more of their providers experience packet loss or downtime. An on-site Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitors connectivity 24x7x365.



The UK data centre operates to, and exceeds industry standards and currently abides by the following standards:

Quality Management
ISO 9001 : 2008

Information Security Management
ISO/IEC 27001 : 2013

Environmental Management
ISO 14001 : 2004

Information Governance Toolkit
Commerical Third Party – 8J006

Employment Screening
BSI 7858 : 2006



The UK data centre are certified to ISO/IEC 27001 and PCI DSS 4 as a minimum for all their sites.

The primary facility is a secure, unmarked compound offering 24x7x365 onsite security (NSI Gold accredited). Once on site, access to technical areas is restricted to authorised personal only using a triple layer security system including swipe cards, PIN and biometrics.

All data centre staff are vetted to the BSI 7858 : 2006 standard including a CRB check and screening to the UK Government Baseline Standard (BPSS).



On 26th March 2007 they became the UK’s first managed hosting services company to actively commit to environmental sustainability by addressing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by their operations.

On 14th March 2011 they took the next step forward by offering power at its primary data centre in Enfield with 100% renewable power.

Breakdown of 100% renewable energy sources:

  • 47.9% On-shore wind
  • 19.6% Landfill gas
  • 14.9% Biomass
  • 9.5% Municipal & Industrial Waste
  • 7.3% Off-shore wind
  • 0.6% Hydro
  • 0.2% Sewage Gas
  • 0.002% Photovoltaics

They also work with international conservation organisation the World Land Trust (WLT), to voluntarily offset their own unavoidable GHG emissions becoming the first UK data centre to take such steps.

In contributing to WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme, they are not only aiming to mitigate their impact on the Earth’s rapidly changing climate, but also helping to address another key environmental issue of the 21st Century; declining global biodiversity.

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