California Solar Powered Data Centre

California US Solar Powered Data Centre

Our green data centre is environmentally friendly in design. Our walls are over 12 inches thick and filled with insulation that has recycled content. We use skylights and solar tubes for light and when the need for lighting occurs we use energy-efficient LED lighting instead of Compact Fluorescent or Fluorescent Light Bulbs. We built our green data centre, network and servers from the start to use the lowest amount of energy possible using the latest green design techniques, no other hosting company can do what we do without starting from scratch. Plus we are powered by the sun, water, and air, now that is something you can’t find anywhere else.

  • AISO owned and operated on-site Tier 3+ data centre
  • Redundant, Multi-Homed Optimized Internap FCP Bandwidth
  • Redundant Cisco routers running full BGP routes
  • Redundant Cisco firewalls
  • Redundant SOURCEfire Snort 3D Intrusion Systems (IPS/IDS)
  • Network Wide DoS/DDoS automated attack mitigation
  • Network Wide IP Reputation Threat Defense to block criminal IPs
  • Redundant Cisco Catalyst 4500 series Gigabit switches
  • Redundant N+1 Power and Cooling
  • Redundant Network Cards in all AISO servers
  • Redundant Power Supplies in all AISO servers
  • Redundant Clustered NetApp SAN (storage area network)
  • Redundant AISO Backup Servers
  • Redundant, Fault Tolerant AISO Web & E-mail Servers running in VMware & OnApp


We have diverse leased fiber, dark fiber and FCC licensed wireless links with redundant route optimized BGP bandwidth peering with providers Internap, Level3, Hurricane Electric, Time Warner, Highwinds, and others. Our redundant connections are connected to OC-192 fiber optic SONET rings that peer in Los Angeles, San Diego and Palm Springs. In our data centre we use redundant high-end Cisco routers and switches to connect us to the Internet. These routers are continually active and will automatically redistribute Internet traffic load using our own in-house Internap FCP optimization hardware, resulting in minimum to zero downtime, lower latency, less jitter and packet loss and better performance from first mile through middle mile.

We chose Internap for IP as well as having Internap equipment on site because of its performance and reliability, and so have many other companies, including Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, Chase, and Sony. We buy directly from Internap and Internap gets its high performance by buying direct connections to many Tier 1 providers, including UUnet (verizon/, AT&T, Sprint, XO, Savvis, Verio/NTT, Global Crossing and more. With Internap Performance IP, you don’t need to worry about your data traveling around to different backbones to reach a peering point, it gets put on the right network immediately, right at the source. There is no middleman, no shuffling between backbones. That translates to fewer hops and lower latencies.

Green Data Centre

There are many data centres and hosting companies who claim to operate ‘green’. The only thing that counts in a data centre, however, is the Power Usage Effectiveness. A data centre may buy green power, but that does not make its energy usage low. A data centre may install Hot/Cold Aisles, but that does not necessarily result in the best possible energy saving. The PUE of a data centre is the key figure that shows how green a data centre actually is. AISO’s PUE is 1.13 where as most data centres in the US according to the EPA have PUE’s of 2.0 to 3.0.

Servers & Virtualization

To save energy we use virtualization that allows us to replace individual physical servers and replace them with “virtual machines,” increasing the physical servers efficiency and shrinking our data centres’ server footprint, cooling needs and electricity usage. AISO servers are running energy efficient green processors, which use less power and generate less heat, within VMware’s virtualization technology to reduce cooling and electrical requirements with a 70:1 ratio of virtual servers to physical servers. We also use NetApp SANs with Deduplication to allow our physical storage and power requirements to be reduced by more than 60%.

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