UK Wind Powered Data Centre Specification

Wind Powered Data Centre
Physical Premises & Security
24h System Monitoring
BT Triple-Failsafe 21CN Internet connectivity
Network Diagram
VMware ESXi Platform
Server Backup


Wind Powered Data Centre

The UK’s first ever (and currently only) purpose-built, low energy, high performance data centre.

  • Zero carbon energy consumption
  • Full N+2 power resilience with UPS and standby bio-diesel generators
  • 100% uptime SLA on Internet connectivity with triple fail-safe BT 21CN connectivity
  • Full hardware maintenance with 1 hour guaranteed hardware replacement
  • Non-stop monitoring of infrastructure, network and Internet transit
  • Access to 24x7x365 UK support manned support desk
  • Military-grade physical security

Utilising the latest low-energy IBM servers with power saving technology to deliver the same application performance as higher wattage traditional servers whilst consuming up to 60% less energy and powered exclusively by zero carbon wind energy generated by Ecotricity.

With an infrastructure designed for minimum environmental impact, each physical server we run from here can save up to 5.1 tonnes of CO2 each year compared to running the same server from a regular non-renewable energy powered data centre.

« As the UK’s first zero carbon energy data centre, Smartbunker has moved the data hosting industry forward, and is clearly setting an important precedent. We are pleased to be partnering with a company whose focus is on both service excellence, and utilising renewable ‘deep green’ energy from Ecotricity that delivers zero carbon emissions. »

  Dale Vince OBE, Ecotricity
  Founder & Managing Director

Power Distribution

A combination of utility and backup generation offers full N+2 resilience on all power feeds to data suites. Internal distribution is 415 volt, 3-phase; diversely routed and connected directly to individual UPS units serving technical loads.


The latest generaton of UPS (uninteruptable power supplies) and fail-safe bio-diesel emergency generators provide guaranteed uninteruptable power. Full duplicated Cummins biodiesel generators, with long term fuel reserves are capable of providing run-time in excess of two weeks without refueling.


Physical Premises & Security

Access control

The wind powered data centre is built to the highest specification and utilises the latest power, environmental and security systems with a combination of physical security and sophisticatied electronic countermeasures to offer a level of security unmatched by any other UK data centre.

Round the clock internal and external high resolution CCTV is installed site-wide with hard disk recording and archiving capabilities; alongside a combination of card and card/pin readers at strategic points, there are at least 8 layers of controlled access to pass through before gaining access to data suites.

The data centre registers all visitors using biometric and image capture systems to provide positive identification, only allowing vetted and qualified technicians to access data hosting centres.


Located deep underground in a remote ex-NATO nuclear bunker, this 30,000 square foot, world-class, purpose-built data centre is split over three floors. Built in a contrete shell with 3 metre thick steel and tungsten reinforced walls, 4 metre thick steel and tungsten reinforced ceiling; reinforced concrete internal floors; concrete block floor to ceiling and partitions for individual suites.

Fire Detection

The latest fire detection and suppression technology has been utilised to ensure uninterupted operation with all hosting suites protected by FM200 zero ozone depleting fire suppression systems and data suites and adjacent plant support areas featuring aspirating high sensitivity smoke detection.


Due to it’s subterranean design, the data centre keeps an ambient temperature all year round without the need for additional heating or cooling. Environmental probes are located in the top of racks to provide real time monitoring of temperature and humidity.


24h System Monitoring

The IBM servers are monitored 24/7 by the UK data centre using their built in IMM (Integrated Management Module) to keep a constant eye on the environmental and system hardware status of every individual physical machine. Ambient temperature, system planar voltages, fan speeds and more are all continuously monitored and any issues immediately reported to a 24 hour manned service desk.

We also remotely monitor all our VMware based servers running on each physical machine every minute from the UK and multiple other locations around the planet. Any issues found and confirmed by several locations will generate alert messages to ourselves and/or our service desk partner.


BT Triple-Failsafe 21CN Internet connectivity

BTThe UK wind powered data centre is protected by triple-failsafe network connectivity incorporating the latest optical network technology from BT, which allows data to be transferred via two totally independent SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) fibre optic rings.

Each ring supplies two separate fibre optic cables (each containing 96 fibres), any one of which is capable of supporting the full load of the data centre. The cables are then routed via entirely separate pathways from the building to connect with BT’s nationwide ‘Colossus’ Core infrastructure which now underpins all of BT’s IP services – with no points of convergence outside of the facility, all of which helps keep your mission critical applications safely online 24x7x365.

Data centre uptime SLA to Athenaeum (Ecological Hosting) is 100%.

Network Diagram

Wind Powered Data Centre Network Overview Diagram


VMware ESXi Platform


We are operating VMware’s latest enterprise grade bare metal virtual server technology on flagship IBM x3650 M2 servers powered by dual quad-core Intel XEON Nahelem CPUs with 48GB RAM and 10,000RPM 2.5″ SAS drives connected via a dedicated hardware RAID controller configured for multiple RAID 10 drive arrays.

The net effect and intention behind this configuration is outstanding speed coupled with very efficient use of the available hardware resources.

Compared to large numbers of individual physical servers this solution provides massive savings in data centre power consumption as well as noise and other environmental factors resulting in increased efficiency giving the ability to make more use of the resources available and generate considerable savings in energy consumption as well as reducing the overall amount of equipment required.

Athenaeum (Ecological Hosting) has full lights out remote control of our servers, including remote console access (i.e. even if the server is effectively off the Internet for some reason, we still have access as if we were sat in front of the computer), the ability to power cycle servers and server resource usage monitoring capabilities.


Server Backup

In addition to the server disaster recovery snapshots, overnight processes backup the data on each server to a remote location over secured channels and onto encrypted storage.

Important note: clients are responsible for their data and should keep full copies of their web sites and any associated data (e.g. databases), safe on their own systems. The backups referred to here are intended for our own disaster recovery only, though on request we can sometimes restore data for clients from these backups (we store up to 60 days worth of backups) and we would just charge for our time to do this at our published level 2 support consultancy rates.

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