If you like to put a face to the name as we do, then there are some photos below and brief job descriptions.

Photo of Jamie Rhodes-Simpson
Jamie Rhodes-Simpson
Founder / Director
Photo of Susan Rhodes-Simpson
Susan Rhodes-Simpson
Company Secretary

Our company has been operating successfully since starting back in 1999 and we are proud to be able to claim that nearly all the clients we started with are still with us.

We have no plans for world domination, we just want to live happily and tread lightly on this planet we call home.

Photo of Tim Hunter DaviesTim Hunter Davies
Level 2 Support & Web Development
Tim heads up our level 2 support provision and also provides web site development services to our clients via his own company, Skye Websites. Further information about our relationship with Tim in terms of support and web site design can be found on our web design page. Tim operates mainly from his home on the Isle of Skye where he’s moved to become as self-sufficient as possible.


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