Environmental Policy

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  • Use renewable energy powered data centres for our servers
  • Use energy efficient equipment
  • Increase energy efficiency even further through judicious use of virtualisation and other suitable technologies
  • Turn off systems that are not in use to save power
  • Reuse, repurpose, rehome or as a last resort recycle redundant equipment
  • Use recycled products where available and suitable
  • Continually work to reduce wherever possible our impact on the environment
  • Investigate other innovative ways we can aid production of more environmentally friendly energy supplies in the UK through the products we offer in the business

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Data Centres

All our environmentally friendly hosting services run from two green data centres.

Solar Powered Data Centre (USA, California)

The data centre in California is powered directly by two solar arrays comprising more than 120 solar panels located on-site and owned by the facility.

They are the first (and so far the only) 100% completely solar powered, carbon free hosting company that does not use energy credits.

This data centre can, and always has, operated entirely off-grid. Backup power is provided by batteries (UPS) and on-site natural gas generators. The generators are tested weekly, but so far have never had to be used.

Please visit our Solar Powered Data Centre page for more information.

London, Enfield (UK) Renewable Energy Powered Data Centre

Please visit our London, Enfield data centre page for more information.


Servers in both data centres utilise low energy technology to consume up to 60% less power than their conventional counterparts.

In addition, we use the latest server virtualisation technologies to lower our power consumption even further.

We consider our options for hosting from these data centres to be the greenest and most environmentally friendly currently available.

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Staff Operations

We are within walking distance or our office, so it is possible to walk to work.

Where we have to print (which is very rare) we use recycled paper.

We also recycle any materials we have access to recycling facilities for (used paper, cardboard packaging, plastic, glass etc).

We make further use of redundant office IT equipment through Freecycling, second hand sales or charitable donations. Permanently redundant IT equipment is disposed of correctly at the appropriate WEEE disposal service.

Other satellite members of our team work from their homes/offices embracing similar principles.

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