Financial Policies

Standard Invoices

A Standard Invoice is an invoice issued for new services, ad-hoc provisions and/or upgrades.

Following inception of a new service, provision of an ad-hoc service or application of a requested upgrade to an existing service, an invoice will be issued via email to the email address we have on record for the customers account.

Payment is due immediately upon receipt of our invoice email, though we do allow a grace period of 14 days to cover such eventualities as staff holidays that might affect our clients ability to pay straight away.

Please remember, we also require some time to process your payment, so please do pay as quickly as possible.

We require cleared funds to reach us within 35 days of the invoice date, otherwise we reserve the right to suspend any or all services on your account as we feel appropriate until such payment is received.

If payment is not received within 49 days of the invoice being sent, we have the right to terminate your services and permanently delete your account removing all your data from our systems.

We also reserve the right to take legal action or pass any outstanding debts to a 3rd party debt collection agency if necessary to recover our costs.

Please note: The 14 day grace period is not credit, it is simply us allowing a reasonable amount of time to enable clients to organise and make the payment.

Renewal Invoices

All services falling due for renewal in a given month will be invoiced together on one invoice as part of a batch process on or around the 1st of the month prior.

e.g. all services on your account due for renewal at any point in March will be invoiced on the 1st February.

Invoices will be issued via email to the email address we have on record for the customers account.

Payment for renewal invoices is also due immediately to allow us processing time to handle your payment and renew any services such as domain names in plenty of time.

Note: Some domains can end up being deleted by the registries if we are unable to renew them in advance because payment wasn’t received until very close to the actual renewal date.

As a minimum, payment must be received as cleared funds at least two weeks in advance of the earliest renewal date shown on the invoice.

e.g. if an invoice contains multiple items, one due on the 15th, one on the 17th and one on the 26th, we need payment for the full invoice amount (i.e. all items paid in full) by the 1st of the same month at the very latest to allow us time to process your renewal request properly and safeguard the ongoing provision of your services.

We will not pay for services on your behalf until we have received cleared funds covering all outstanding invoices up to that date.

If payment is not received in time and services lapse, we will not be held responsible.

Automated Email Reminders

As a courtesy to our clients we operate an automated email payment reminder system.

No system is flawless and various things could affect the way this operates, so please do not rely on these reminders for scheduling your payments; payment of the invoice on receipt is the most efficient option for both parties to ensure uninterrupted service.

If you operate a spam or junk mail filter that you can configure, please ensure you have whitelisted as an authorised sender to try and ensure you receive these important messages. For the same reason, if you change your email address, please ensure we are informed quickly.

Reminder email scheduling varies depending on if the invoice is a Renewal Invoice or a Standard Invoice.

You will only receive one email notice per given period as described below. The wording on the messages for each successive period is purposely stronger to stress the increased urgency as you approach the critical overdue date.

Standard Invoice Reminder Process

  • 0 days – Invoice issued
  • Between 14 & 21 days after issue – 1st reminder
  • Between 21 & 28 days after issue – 2nd reminder
  • Between 28 & 35 days after issue – 3rd reminder
  • Between 35 & 49 days after issue – Suspension notice
  • Over 49 days after issue – Account deletion notice

Renewal Invoice Reminder Process

Invoice issued on or around the 1st of the month as described above. The reminder system will read the invoice and obtain the earliest renewal date of all the items on the invoice. Based on this date, the following schedule is then followed:

  • Item due within 14-21 days – 1st reminder
  • Item due within 7-14 days – 2nd reminder
  • Item due within 0-7 days – 3rd reminder
  • Item overdue by 1-14 days – Suspension notice
  • Item overdue by more than 14 days – Account deletion notice

As mentioned above, payment is required as cleared funds at least two weeks prior to the suspension dates to ensure continued services. Failure to pay in advance of these dates will mean services expire at the renewal day point and will be deleted from your account sometime following the deletion notice time frame.

Aged Debts

Standard Invoices beyond 35 days and Renewal Invoices beyond their renewal date are considered Aged Debts.

As an aged debt, a suspension notice will be served by the automated reminder system as detailed above. At this point services will be disengaged (and domains may be lost permanently – see additional notes below) and the client will be served a further 2 weeks notice in which to settle the outstanding invoice.

Should payment have not been forthcoming and received as cleared funds by the end of the 2 week suspension period, the account will be permanently and irrecoverably deleted. This includes the removal of all e-mail and website data from our servers.

Should Ecological Hosting have incurred costs on behalf of the client, we reserve the right to hand such debts to a third party debt collection agency to recover funds on our behalf.

We also have the right to refuse to establish new services in the future to any client who has a previous history of non-payment issues with us.

Additional Notes


Any invoice including domain renewals must be paid in full and in advance of the earliest renewal date upon a given invoice. We no longer renew domains with the registries without payment in advance first.

Some domain registries have more stringent rules than others. In particular, .ch domains (Switzerland) have to be renewed at least 45 days in advance of the expiry date or they are deleted by the registry without any warning. Recovery is possible but involved for us. To accommodate this we invoice .ch domains well in advance.

e.g. if the .ch domain expiry date was 31st March, 45 days before is 16th February; we would set the billing date to the 16th January, which would then be invoiced around the 1st December. This is purely to allow time for the client and ourselves to process the payment without breaching the 45 day mark.

Service Cancellations

If you know you will not be renewing certain services the next time around, please could you let us know as soon as possible so we can mark them for non-renewal on your account before the relevant batch renewal invoice is produced. This will save extra accounting for both ourselves and our clients.

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