Each party to any contract has their role to play in order to make the relationship viable, fair and deliverable. In this document we explain our role and the role of our clients; what we will deliver for our clients and what we require in return in order to do this effectively, whilst remaining fair to ourselves and our client.

Our Responsibilities

Our targets and aims:

  • To deliver the highest level possible as regards availability and technical excellence in our service provision
  • To keep up to date with relevant technical knowledge
  • To deliver as close to 100% uptime as we can get (historically we have generally achieved uptimes well in excess of 99.9% in any typical month including essential maintenance events)
  • To be aware of any service issues before our clients and respond rapidly by utilising 24 hour non-stop monitoring of all our servers every minute of every day running from well over 30 locations around the globe

User Login Information

New clients will be sent a welcome email where we will provide passwords/login details and some basic getting started info.

We anticipate and expect that to a small degree some clients may need a little help during these initial set-up stages. As such, we will provide up to one hour of general assistance at the start; any time spent beyond this will be chargeable at our level 2 support rates.


Produce invoices and process payments in a timely manner.


Your Responsibilities

Technical Expectations

Ecological Hosting is primarily a web hosting and email service provider. Although we endeavour to help clients with their level of technical understanding to a reasonable degree, we are not a training provider in this area and it is not our core service.

Some level of technical ability/understanding is expected of clients, and the level of technical prowess we require from clients is expected to rise accordingly with the level of complexity of the service provision the client is working within.

Please do not expect Ecological Hosting to resolve matters beyond our remit. For example; home/office equipment and the users own connection to the Internet is the responsibility of the client, as is accidental erasure of website data, quota management, passwords and login detail records, user error, etc.

If assistance is required beyond our agreed levels of service then it will be charged at our Level 2 Consultancy rates.

For clients with very little or no technical knowledge, it is anticipated that the client will employ a web-developer/designer or other person/company with the required level of understanding and skill to handle this requirement on their behalf.

If the client has so little technical understanding that our working relationship and services prove overly difficult to offer, and the client refuses to employ their own web developer to deal with us or one we may from time to time recommend, then we have the right to suspend/terminate the client’s account (subject to clauses 11.1 and 11.4 of our Terms and Conditions of Business).

We expect to be treated as we would treat you, which is fairly and courteously.  Clients who are rude and abusive and who do not carry their share of responsibility will be asked to find themselves a new provider.


Current Personal Details

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that Ecological Hosting is updated at all times of any change of personal details such as name, address, telephone numbers and most crucially – a current and working email address.

Invoices and all other communications will be sent via email to the address we have on record and so it is imperative and expected as an Internet service that all clients utilise and regularly check this channel of communication.

If we are unable to obtain a response from our client contact via the email address we have on record within a reasonable time frame (generally; suspension 2 weeks after a payment reminder email and account deletion at 4 weeks), or if the client’s email consistently bounces undelivered, then your hosting account will ultimately end up being deleted permanently due to non-payment of any invoice sent to such an email address.

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