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Current UK time is:


To email us directly from this web site, please click here.



General office correspondence and registered office address:

Athenaeum Limited / Ecological Hosting
Unit 1U, Unicorn Business Park
Wellington Street



Main Office Number:

+44 (0)1773 747722

Sales, accounts, customer service and support enquiries.

Note regarding our support policy: General support is effectively 1:1 consultancy (e.g. requesting help with your web site coding, setting up your email etc), so to prevent abuse we limit the amount general support you can use without being charged. Please refer to our fair use policy document for details.


Emergency Out of Hours Support:

+44 (0)7931 381818

For issues with our hosting systems only (e.g. email / web / database server not-responding or similar). This does not extend to issues with services running on a client’s dedicated server or Linux vserver systems where these are under the full control of the client (though we will obviously check our core network, hardware etc if needed). Generally problems that would be rated with severity one (i.e. a business critical service issue).

In such events we will investigate and if our hosting service is found to be working correctly then support will be moved into the general support queue if assistance is still required.

Emergency support is generally provided without additional charge and included with all hosting accounts, but it does not cover help with anything that is not a direct service related issue.

Please respect our Emergency Support line:

Please do not use the Emergency Support telephone number for anything other than genuine emergencies where your call is out of normal office hours and absolutely cannot wait until the next working day.

Always try our main office line +44 (0)1773 747722 first, even out of hours. If you are put through to an answer machine, please leave a message so we know what the call is about. If you don’t get a response from us within a reasonable time frame, please move on to the emergency call out number and leave a second message on that line if necessary and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.


Additional notes about our telephone systems

Real people will answer your call! We do not like being held in a queue, so we won’t inflict this on people trying to contact us. If we are currently busy on the phone line you should get an answer service or an engaged tone to let you know. We value your call, so please do try again later or leave a message with your telephone number and we will call you back, or why not click here and send us an email message instead!

If we are out of the office for extended periods, we will endeavour to redirect the main office landline to a mobile. In certain circumstances (e.g. low signal areas, hospitals, some computer rooms) the mobile phone may go to voice mail. In these instances please do leave your name, phone number and a brief summary of your reason for calling and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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