.dk (Denmark) registry domain renewal process change effective 8th October 2013

On Tuesday 8th October 2013, the .dk domain registry changed the way .dk names are registered and managed.

It is no longer possible for us to explicitly renew .dk domains.

Instead we have to set them to “auto renew” or “let expire” and then just let the domain registry take the requested action on the expiry date.

Unfortunately, we have to set this no later than 34 days prior to expiry. After this time it is impossible to change the setting and we are committed either way (i.e. the domain will auto renew or be deleted depending on the setting in force 34 days prior to the expiry date).

This means we will now be invoicing for .dk domains a month earlier than our usual invoicing process to allow sufficient payment processing time for these renewals. So you will see the domain billing date change to the same date (or as close as possible) in the month prior.

If we do not receive cleared funds with enough time to process the payment and manage the renewal process, then your .dk domain(s) may expire.

Ideally we need to be processing renewal payments at least two weeks prior to the 34 day cut off to allow us sufficient time.

So it is critical that we receive prompt payment. Taking this up to the last minute (or even within a few days of the 34 day prior to expiry cut off) is not an option and you will probably end up losing your domain. If this happens we will be unable to rectify this for you, other than re-registering afterwards if it is still available, which will incur an administration charge to cover the additional time required to handle this.

Please understand this is a registry change, and not something we have any control over.

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