Google Apps Admin Console Redesign

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Admin Console Redesign

Google will begin the rollout of a new Admin console starting 22nd May 2013.

10% of our existing Google Apps for Business clients will be transitioned to the new Admin console on this date, and the rollout will then continue gradually to our remaining Google Apps for Business clients through to around mid-June.

Google will be systematically selecting accounts at random, so we will not know who will be in the first batch or be able to provide specific transition dates. However, the initial group will receive an automated notification that the change has occurred and temporarily, they will also be offered the opportunity to revert to the classic Admin console if they wish.

Below is a Google produced short video (5m 24s) to introduce the changes and explain basic usage and navigation within the new control panel:

Please click here for additional information.

Including a cheat sheet showing where the various features are now located.

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