Hotmail Deleting Legitimate Email Messages

I’ve been having suspicions for sometime now that I might have problems sending to some Hotmail accounts. Eventually it became apparent that in some cases emails simply disappear into the ether without a trace and without informing the sender or the intended recipient. I did some research and it turns out I’m not alone:

I feel this is something Hotmail users should be made aware of, but to my knowledge Microsoft don’t appear to mention the fact that they delete millions of emails, many legitimate, without informing anyone.

The alleged finding by some that messages sent from Microsoft Outlook generally get through, but the exact same messages sent from other competitor email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird are dropped is particularly alarming, but not entirely surprising.

I have written this small article to inform people about this issue and also to ensure that clients or potential clients of Ecological Hosting are made aware just in case I ever appear to have not replied to something. If you suspect this issue might have prevented my reply reaching you, please send an email or telephone to double check.

Sending to me from Hotmail is fine, it’s me sending to Hotmail that sometimes has problems. Other people on the same mail server with the same email client do not have this issue, and I don’t have this issue with all Hotmail addresses, just most of them!

To my knowlege, this problem does not occur with any other webmail provider (e.g. Google Gmail, Yahoo! mail).

Jamie Simpson
11 January 2008


The above articles have also been archived as PDF documents:

The Register Hotmail Story PDF Copy (May 1st, 2007)
IIS Aid Hotmail_Story PDF Copy (March 22nd, 2007)

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