Legacy Services

We are very pleased to report that the new control panel systems and hosting servers installed and operated by our colleagues in California, are now fully operational.

As such, we have retired all legacy hosting plans.

All new customers can sign up via the control panel to order hosting and domains.

Existing customers who have been with us since before October 2015 will be contacted and migrated across to the new services in due course.

Please bear with us, this is an extremely major project and will take many months of time and effort for us to fully complete.

Should you require any urgent upgrades to legacy hosting plans in the meantime, we can still provision these for existing customers and you will be invoiced at the relevant pricing for your existing hosting package. We will also discuss the possibility of migrating you to the new hosting sooner rather than later if appropriate.

Once migrated, your next renewal will be charged at the appropriate rate for the new hosting plan you have been moved over to. For most people, this will be the new One Plan AEL1 account.

Ecological Hosting at this time is brought to you with the technical skills and close co-operation of the following businesses:

All new services and the new control panel are provisioned, billed and supported by:

Affordable Internet Services Online, Inc.
25655 Louisa Lane, Romoland, California 92585
Telephone: +1 951 928 8190

Until migrated, all legacy services will continue to be billed and supported by:

Athenaeum Limited
Unit 1U, Unicorn Business Park, Wellington Street, RIPLEY DE5 3EH
Telephone: +44 1773 747722

It is our combined vision to provide a long term sustainable future for Ecological Hosting and our clients.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

During the transition period, messages sent via the existing email contact form on this website will be forwarded to the appropriate company for handling.

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