New ICANN Transfer Policy for gTLD Domains

If you own a gTLD (generic top level domain – eg .com .org .net etc) then there’s more transfer insanity coming your way from 1st December 2016 c/o ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers):

Many people are already understandably confused by the crazy gTLD transfer system and this adds many layers more of total and utter confusion, coupled with a pile of emails to multiple parties that are going to look like spam, yet if ignored, your request for transfer of ownership will be denied and straight back to square one 7 days later.

Even just changing your own name slightly will result in two emails to yourself and you have to respond to both to get the change through. Full details are in the page linked to above from our gTLD registrar, who quite rightly say:

“At OpenSRS, we believe that the ICANN community who came up with this new policy did a disservice to registrants. The policy requirements do not add any positive element to the experience of managing a domain name, and there has been no consideration how this policy would align with the number of other ICANN mandated policies which are already in place.”

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