UK Data Centre Experiences 80mph Winds

Extremely high winds yesterday, reaching 80mph at times, caused damage to a 25 meter high communications tower at the UK data centre we use.

Overnight, we suffered some occasional packet loss with traffic destined for our systems based there (mainly during the early hours of the 4th January).

Engineers at the UK data centre worked into the night to try and rectify the issue, but unfortunately the wind speeds were too dangerous to climb the full 25 metres to the top of the tower. They did however get close enough to confirm the damage.

The climbers were back at first light to repair the damage and realign the communications equipment to fully correct the issue.

We can only apologise for this temporary outage caused by the freak weather conditions yesterday. In the words of one of the engineers attending though; “while the towers and kit is tested and rated upto 120mph winds it would appear one bit of metal had other ideas”!

Our thanks to the engineers who braved the elements and managed to fix this safely in the end.

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