.uk Domain Pricing Change Effective from 1st February 2015

In line with our transparent domain pricing policy, planned changes to domain pricing for .uk domains by the registry (Nominet) have been incorporated into our own pricing as follows:

All prices excluding VAT

Registration and renewal price changes:
.uk (1 year): up from £9.01 to £9.27
.uk (2 years+): up from £7.97 to £9.27

This change brings with it harmonised pricing for all registrations, replacing the previous two-tier pricing where one year registrations were more expensive than 2 years+ added to the term in one go.

This change only affects customers on legacy accounts that have not yet migrated to the new systems.

.uk domain pricing for customers on the new control panel was updated 21st January 2016 to £12.18 per year, which reflects the costs for supplying these domains through that supplier channel.

Whilst no-one likes price increases, it should be noted that the .uk registry have not increased their prices in over 16 years, and the increase is modest compared to many other registries and will help them continue to provide a world class service and invest in the infrastructure required to support the .uk name space into the future.

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