Bogus PayPal Emails

We have intercepted a couple of scam email messages that purport to be from PayPal. These messages look very official and even link to the PayPal web site to retrieve their logo.

Do not follow any links in these messages and absolutely do not login to the websites you will be directed to. It is highly likely that they are using these messages as pure deception to obtain your PayPal username and password.

In all cases, follow PayPal advice and simply open a new web browser, then type in and perform the activity requested of you there.

As is common practice, PayPal will never ask you to follow a link from an email to confirm your details. PayPal also say that they will use your first name and surname in the message greeting, so emails to “PayPal User” or similar should be ignored and reported.

PayPal have more information here (page will open in a new browser window):

PayPal “Protect Yourself From Fraudulent Emails” page

If you don’t wish to click on the above link, the same advice still stands. Open a new browser, go to and navigate using their menu to find the advice you require.

The following two links are to images that show two different examples of bogus messages known to be in circulation (both will open in a new browser window – just close the new window when finished):

Sample 1
Sample 2

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