Consultancy Services

Can’t see the wood for the trees?

As an Internet hosting company, we have a wealth of experience managing mission critical computer systems and infrastructure.

General consultancy is not something we offer lightly; we will only undertake projects we know we can deliver in a timely fashion and that are well within our comfort zone, so you can be guaranteed to get the same excellent service level we provide in our hosting services.

We are able to leverage all our experience running hosting systems as well as extensive experience gained in the corporate world of high end computing to deliver custom consultancy services to our clients.

Our primary in-house specialism is in Linux based server systems and Internet security, but we also have solid knowledge of Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating environments. Please note though: We do not offer assistance in managing customers own Windows servers.

Through our business contacts and via our hosting services, we are also aware of a fairly substantial number of external suppliers of web development, design and other services that we can call on to bring together a full solution.

If you require help or assistance selecting new and innovative ways to gain control over your companies IT landscape, perhaps by moving email and other suitable services into the cloud, then we may be able to help directly.

And for anything else; if we are aware of a suitable solution, we will happily point you in the right direction to get you the help you require (or at your request, research a suitable solution based on your requirements on a paid time only basis).

Our general consultancy rates start at £15 plus VAT per 20 minute block of time.

On-site consultancy rates are available on request because we require some basic details first to understand what it is we’re taking on, location of the site, seniority of staff required to complete the task etc.

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