Domain Name Pricing

We operate a transparent pricing policy for domain names.

Domain pricing formula:

Registry cost price
+ ICANN fees (where applicable)
+ Registrar fees (if applicable, e.g. Tucows OpenSRS management fee)
+ Bank charges (foreign currency conversion rates, card processing fees etc)
+ Ecological Hosting fee
+ VAT (where applicable)

The Ecological Hosting fee is to help cover the ongoing management and running of each domain on our systems; including, for example, the operation of our DNS service and some of our basic office administration overheads in dealing with the domain.

Our fee element within the domain price is currently £5 for all domain registrations, renewals, transfers and trades except for .uk domain Nominet IPS tag transfers, which are free of charge.

As required by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), redemption fee pricing is also published below for domains that have this charge.

Domain prices will be updated as and when necessary to accommodate changes occurring in the market place (e.g. one or more registries increasing their prices). All changes will be published to this page on the day they occur.

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Please note: Prices shown on this page are per year.
Errors and omissions excepted.

Unfortunately we cannot be guarantee pricing for some of the more esoteric ccTLD trades and transfers (e.g: .fr .nl), as these happen very infrequently and the processes for domain registries around the world can often change since we last handled a given ccTLD transfer. We will investigate and confirm the current situation and costs at any given moment when a transfer or trade is requested for one of these domains. Common domain extensions are fine as the process is well known and understood (e.g: .com, .uk).

Did you know you can register many domains for up to 10 years in advance? Multi year registrations are a good way to secure your domain name for many years to come at the current pricing.

Top Level Domains Registration Renewal Transfer Trade Redemption
whois privacy £8.26 £8.26 £8.26 £8.26 n/a
.com £15.94 £15.94 £15.94 £5.38 £123.56
.net £19.78 £19.78 £19.78 £5.38 £123.56
.org £18.34 £18.34 £18.34 £5.38 £123.56
.info £21.70 £21.70 £21.70 £5.38 £123.56
.biz £21.70 £21.70 £21.70 £5.38 £123.56
.pro £19.78 £19.78 £19.78 £5.38 £123.56
.mobi £24.58 £24.58 £24.58 £5.38 £123.56
.name £19.78 £19.78 £19.78 £5.38 £123.56
.coop £101.35 £101.35 £101.35 £5.38 £123.56
.world £32.25 £32.25 £32.25 £5.38 £123.56

UK / EU Domains Registration Renewal Transfer Trade Redemption
.uk £13.54 £13.54 £0.00 via Nominet n/a
.eu (Europe) £13.06 £13.06 £13.06 £5.38 £75.58

ccTLD Domains Registration Renewal Transfer Trade Redemption
.be (Belgium) £13.06 £13.06 £13.06 £5.38 £123.56
.ch (Switzerland) £19.78 £19.78 £5.38 £5.38 £80.38
.co (Colombia) £29.37 £29.37 £29.37 £5.38 £123.56 (Colombia) £17.86 £17.86 £17.86 £5.38 £200.33 (Colombia) £17.86 £17.86 £17.86 £5.38 £200.33 (Colombia) £17.86 £17.86 £17.86 £5.38 £200.33
.de (Germany) £13.06 £13.06 £13.06 £5.38 £104.37
.dk (Denmark) £24.58 £24.58 £24.58 £5.38 n/a
.es (Spain) £24.58 £24.58 £24.58 £5.38 £56.39
.fi (Finland) £38.97 £38.97 £5.38 £91.75 n/a
.fr (France) £19.78 £19.78 £19.78 £5.38 £75.58
.in (India) £15.94 £15.94 £15.94 £5.38 £123.56
.io (British Indian Ocean) £43.77 £43.77 £43.77 £5.38 £181.14
.it (Italy) £19.78 £19.78 £19.78 £5.38 £61.19
.me (Montenegro) £24.58 £24.58 £24.58 £5.38 £123.56
.nl (Netherlands) £13.06 £13.06 £13.06 £5.38 £123.56
.tv (Tuvalu) £41.37 £41.37 £41.37 £5.38 £123.56
.us (USA) £14.98 £14.98 £14.98 £5.38 £123.56



The fee for a new domain registration.

The fee to renew a domain name that you already have registered with us.

The fee to transfer a domain name in. For most registries, this includes an extra year of registration.

.uk domains are free to transfer but they do not gain an extra year.

This refers to a change of registrant. i.e. the fee to transfer the domain to a new owner.

We cannot change the owner on .uk domains, you have to do this via your Nominet registry login directly and Nominet charge a fee for this service.

The fee to recover a domain that is in redemption period status.

On or some time after the expiry date, some domain types will go into what is known as redemption period. During this period it is still possible to recover a domain in this state, but the domain can only be redeemed by the original owner of the domain as listed on the WHOIS prior to the deletion.

Redeeming a domain is more time consuming and complicated than if the domain was renewed prior to expiry.

If you renew your domain well before the expiry date you will never have to worry about this.


Top Level Domain Overview

Please note: The information and links provided below are intended for general guidance only and were correct at the time of writing, but things do change regularly. It is imperative that you fully understand the rules and regulations for the TLD (Top Level Domain) you wish to use before registering, especially for the country specific domains that have restrictions on registrations. Some registries may accept registrations without proper checking, but retain the right to revoke later if there is a dispute and you are found to be outside their rules for registration.

TLD Restricted? Country Basic Information
.at   Austria General Terms and Conditions
.be   Belgium Enduser Terms and Conditions (PDF download)
.ca Yes Canada Please see Canadian Presense Requirements (PDF) document
.cc   Cocos Island Available for general use – .cc was originally touted as the new .com
.ch   Switzerland Conditions
.cn Yes Peoples Republic of China .cn domain name registrations are intended for businesses and organizations and not for individual use. The foregoing prevents an individual from registering a .cn domain name for a business operating as a sole proprietorship.
CNNIC Domain Name Information
.co   Republic of Colombia Available for general use – no restrictions
.de Yes Germany Must be resident in Germany – DENIC Domain Guidelines
.dk   Denmark Available for general use – no restrictions
.es   Spain Available for general use – no restrictions
.fi Yes Finland Owner and admin must be local
.fr Yes France Eligibility overview: A legal entity;
– whose head office is in France; (or),
– which possess an address in France which is expressly listed in the public electronic databases of the registrars of the commercial courts or the National Statistical and Economic Studies Institute (INSEE), (or),
– State institutions or departments, local authorities or associated establishments, (or),
– which own a trademark registered with the National Intellectual Property Institute or own a registered EU or international trademark which expressly includes French territory.
Registration rules for .fr domain names
.ie Yes Ireland Quick Guide to Registrations
.in   India Available for general use – no restrictions
.io   British Indian Ocean Territory Available for general use – no restrictions
.it Yes Italy Registration of an .it name is restricted to subjects belonging to a member state of the European Union. Individuals and associations operating without a VAT number or a fiscal code are limited to a single domain name registration.
Naming Authority Information
.me   Montenegro Available for general use – no restrictions
.nl Yes Netherlands Registration of a .nl domain name is unrestricted save and except that applicants who are not based in the Netherlands or who do not have a registered address in the Netherlands must provide an address in the Netherlands where written documents can be sent to the applicant and where legal summonses can be served.
Terms and Conditions for registration of .nl domain names
.tv   Tuvalu Available for general use with no restrictions on registrations – suggested for use on dynamic multi-media sites
.uk Some United Kingdom – fully open but intended for commercial & businesses – for natural persons, e.g. Mr John Doe registering – fully open but intended for charities, unions, community groups etc. and – for registered company names only – restricted for Internet Service Providers only – for schools
Click here for the full rules concerning entities permitted to register a given Nominet second level domain.
.us Yes USA Restricted
.eu Yes European Union Eligibility overview:
– an undertaking having its registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the European Community;
– an organization established within the European Community without prejudice to the application of national law, or
– a natural person resident within the European Community.
Information about .eu Domain Names on EURid website
.com   International General use, suitable for every business, organization and individual
.org   International Non-profit organizations
.net   International Networks
.biz   International Businesses and other ventures
.info   International Sharing personal or company information
.name   International Individuals
.mobi   International Sites with content for mobile devices

Additional Information

If you already own a domain name and wish to transfer, we can help you with this also.

whois Privacy is only available on .com style domains names. This protects your private address details in the public whois records from general viewing. For .uk domains, you can opt out of showing your address details if you are registering as a private individual and you are not using the domain for any kind of business use, all other registration types are required to show their true address on the public record.

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