Whois Database Lookup

You can use this page to check to see if a domain you would like has already been registered (see note * below).

Enter the domain you wish to look up, select the relevant ending, then click search to process the request. Do not include www or any sub-domain.

Example - to lookup www.athnic.net:
  type "athnic" into the first box,
  select ".net" from the drop down list,
  then click on search.

Additional Help

The following responses would indicate that the domain has probably not yet been registered:

For Nominet domains (.uk):
    No match for "domaintocheckfor.co.uk".
    This domain name has not been registered.

For .org .net .com domains:
    No match for domain "DOMAINTOCHECKFOR.COM".

* We can only be certain that a domain has not been registered at the point of placing the request with the relevant registrar.