Dedicated Servers

Resource demanding multimedia sites, complex e-commerce sites, resellers and high-traffic web sites can all benefit from dedicated server hosting.

Dedicated servers are available in both the US solar powered data centre and the UK wind powered data centre, with UK based servers starting at just £125 plus VAT per month.


UK Wind Powered Data Centre US Solar Powered Data Centre
Please refer to our wind powered data centre page for full details of this facility.

Servers can be customised to your needs but we have two basic starting prices for the UK servers:

£125 plus VAT per month – 1 vCPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB disk, 125GB/month bandwidth

£200 plus VAT per month – 1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 50GB disk, 200GB/month bandwidth

» Your choice of Operating System
» Wind powered Data Centre
» Bio-diesel generator backup

» Data centre hardware replacement SLA: 1 hour
» Triple fail-safe BT 21CN connectivity
» Fully redundant network

» Round the clock server monitoring
» Out of hours emergency support
» Data centre uptime guarantee 100%

Please refer to our solar powered data centre page for full details of this facility.

Servers can be customised to your needs but we have two basic starting prices for the US servers:

£150 plus VAT per month – 1 vCPU, 1GB RAM, 30GB disk, 300GB/month bandwidth

£350 plus VAT per month – 2 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 80GB disk, 850GB/month bandwidth

» Your choice of Operating System
» Solar powered Data Centre
» UPS & natural gas generator backup

» Multi SAN clustered physical servers
» Automatic hardware failover
» Fully redundant Cisco powered network

» Round the clock server monitoring
» Out of hours emergency support
» Data centre uptime guarantee 99.9+%

The above pricing shows typical examples. We are also able to offer custom server specifications where needed and can adjust the amount of CPU, RAM, hard disk space and monthly bandwidth allowances to meet or exceed your requirements.

Every dedicated server is custom created for each client to their requirements. To cover some of the many hours work involved in this initial process we have to charge a small one time setup fee per dedicated server. Because the length of time will be different depending on the complexity of the setup, it is not possible to publish a fixed price. For a straight forward setup though, the fee will normally be £195 plus VAT.

Solar Server Additional Technical Information >

Data Centre

On site generated solar electricity powers the entire data centre. All our servers have automatic failover to alternative hardware should anything happen and are connected to the Internet via a fully redundant, Cisco powered network providing a world class hosting solution based entirely on renewable energy. Please click here for more details about the data centre.

Operating System

Dedicated servers offer extreme flexibility. Simply let us know your choice of operating system (e.g. Fedora Core Linux, Debian, BSD, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows 2003 Enterprise Server) and once installed we will send you details of how to login to your new system and you have complete control over your server setup and administration. You can install software and configure to your requirements.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the experience to manage a dedicated server, we can do this for you.


The SAN has Fibre Channel disk drives and RAID dual parity (DP), which can protect data even from dual disk failures. If a disk drive fails it is automatically replaced in the RAID group with an online spare disk drive. RAID DP requires two disks for storing parity information, unlike standard RAID, which uses only one disk. By using this extra disk for parity, it provides better protection than traditional RAID implementations, which provide protection from only single disk failures.

The SAN hardware is also fully redundant with no single point of failure. All data is mirrored from one clustered NAS server to a second identical clustered NAS server to provide you complete reliability and the highest available uptime in the industry.


The data centre network is fully redundant with no single point of failure: multiple Cisco 7200 series routers connected via fully redundant Cisco PIX firewalls connected to multiple Cisco switches for full redundancy.

Each NAS server is connected to multiple storage switches for full redundancy and the SAN is built with Fibre Channel disk drives, redundant power supplies, fans, CPUs and network connections so the SAN will continue working if any component fails.

Each physical server has hot swapable redundant power supplies and fans, redundant network cards connected to multiple switches, DDRII ECC memory and more.

Because the components are hot swapable they can be repaired or replaced without having to schedule downtime.

The physical servers and SAN also have auto notification. In the event of a component failing the hardware will e-mail the data centre technicians and the manufacture to expedite hardware repairs and dramatically reduce down time.

Clustered Servers With Automatic Failover

Compared to other hosting companies where you will be given one physical dedicated server, Ecological Hosting effectively provides you with multiple/clustered servers for the price of one.

In the event of an issue on a physical hosting server, VMware’s VMotion technology will automatically move your running virtual machine (your dedicated server) from one physical server to another with no impact to end users (zero downtime). Every dedicated server also has full NIC failover and load balancing between separate network cards enabling greater hardware availability, speed, and fault tolerance. The VMware systems at the data centre continuously monitor all physical servers in the cluster and almost instantly without human intervention can restart your dedicated machine on a different physical server in the event of a hardware failure bringing you back online within minutes.

Server Monitoring

All servers are monitored by multiple systems running in California and the UK every minute of every day.


The data centre automatically take snapshots of your server on their clustered SAN (Storage Area Network) every three hours. These snapshots are rotated and they keep one weeks worth. Snapshots are for emergency use only to allow them to fully restore a failed system and have it back online within a matter of minutes.


Should you wish to do so, you can obviously install your own email systems on your dedicated server and keep your costs to a minimum, but should you prefer, we can offer access to our main fully managed email platform (chargeable), which includes access to our web based setup facility, webmail and spam filtering systems.

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