Linux VServer Hosting

Vserver Hosting Packages Overview

Our vservers operate almost identically to a dedicated server with very few limitations. The v refers to virtual. The servers are virtual because there are several servers running under one host operating system.

The vserver operating system will typically use around 400-600MB depending on installed options. You also need to allow space for your server log files, the size of which will depend on how often your rotate them, the level of error logging and the popularity of any site(s) hosted.

Package Node Petal Leaf Stem
Description 1GB *
3GB *
5GB *
10GB *
Setup fee
Price per year
Monthly equivalent
Disk space 1GB 3GB 5GB 10GB
Data transfer 8 GB/
24 GB/
40 GB/
80 GB/
SSH/SCP root access / / / /
Multi domain capable / / / /
Web & email service / / / /
PHP/CGI/Perl capable / / / /
SQL capable / / / /
Statistics capable / / / /
Security certificates Cost option Cost option Cost option Cost option

vServer Information >

The current host operating system is Centos. All vservers share the same running kernel but are separated by a system of security contexts which enables them to appear as independant operating systems. Generally we supply vservers running Centos, but they can run other Linux distributions too (e.g. Debian).

These are specialist systems that allow the user to gain command line access to their own server environment via SSH. This enables the ultimate flexibility of server installation and design. The native package management for the vserver’s Linux distribution is used to add, remove and update packages (e.g. yum on Centos).

The ability to install your own packages, enables the vserver user to essentially run anything they require. You can have as many databases as your server can hold and run, setup email if you don’t want to use our main email system for some reason, use the web server of your choice, even install compilers and write your own software if you want too.

Resellers please note: One current limitation to our vserver hosting is that it does not support disk quotas. i.e. you cannot use a vserver to allocate a maximum portion of your disk space for your own clients to ftp into.

Support Information >

Every hosting account comes with our totally fabulous support included as standard. There are two levels of support and a charging structure for heavy users of General Support (1:1 consultancy) so we don’t have to penalise everyone by increasing our prices to cover the very significant cost of providing this service.

General Support can be used for help with installing operating system packages and general setup etc. In essence though, this is your server, and if you severely break your installation, you can pay for additional support on an ad-hoc basis or request a reinstall from scratch (new setup fee will be charged).

Please refer to the information provided on our contact page below each support telephone number for more information.

Dedicated servers are available for those who require them. Contact us with your requirements.


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