One Plan Shared Hosting

Choose what you want and let your hosting grow with you.

No more selecting from preset packages that don't quite fit, simply choose the features you want and build your own plan that can grow with you. Upgrades can be requested at any point and are charged pro-rata until your next hosting renewal, so you can buy just what you need now with the confidence that your hosting package can be simply scaled up as you need in the future.

Web Server Space

a home for your website
How much space would you like? x 100MB

MySQL Database

if required
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Note: WordPress requires one of these
per 50MB

Email Service

to handle your email
How much space would you like?
x 100MB
Google Apps for Work Users
To view the main differences between our email service and Google Apps for Work Gmail see below.

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Technical Information >

Web HostingEcological Hosting
Web space quota100MB upwards
FTP access/
PHP 5.x/
SSI (server side includes)/
WordPress compatible/
MySQL control panel (if order includes database)/
Security certificate including dedicated IP addressCost option
Web site statisticsCost option

Dedicated servers are available for those who require them. Please click here for more information or contact us with your requirements.

Transfer your existing site. If you already have a web site hosted elsewhere, it is possible to move it onto our service. Your existing domain name can be transferred to our registrar account and we will work with you throughout the transfer process to make sure things run smoothly.

We operate a fair use policy with regards to data transfer limits on shared hosting accounts. Fair use is calculated in direct proportion to the amount of disk space allocated to the hosting account. In general there is nothing to worry about and we would contact you in the event of a serious over use to discuss options.

Notes for existing customers: One Plan replaced all of our previous shared hosting packages in October 2010 with "One Plan"! As an existing customer you will stay on your current package unless you request a regrade to your account, at which point you will be switched to the closest equivalent One Plan setup.

Ecological Hosting Email Service / Google Apps Gmail Comparison >

Email SystemEcological HostingGoogle Apps
Email quota100MB upwards30GB per user
ForwardsUnlimited20 filters per user
Nicknames (like an alias)n/a30 per user
MailboxesUnlimited *1 per user
Email control panel//
Webmail SystemSquirrelMailGmail
Spam filtering **//

Aliases are additional email addresses that email will be accepted on and you specify the destination for messages inbound on each alias address, usually one of your mailboxes, though it could also be an external address (this type of alias is called email forwarding). It is also possible to use aliases to deliver email to multiple locations (in Google Apps you would use Groups to deliver email to multiple mailboxes).

Both POP3 and IMAP access is supported by mailboxes on either system.

* The number of mailboxes you can create is only limited by the amount of quota you allocate to each one from your main email space. Once all your quota is allocated, you will no longer be able to create any more mailboxes unless you upgrade your email quota or alter the quota on your existing mailboxes to allow space.

** Spam filtering can be disabled on the Ecological Hosting system and is disabled by default so clients actively have to engage and understand the system. In the Google Apps email system spam filtering always on by default.

Support Information >

Every hosting account comes with our totally fabulous support included as standard. There are two levels of support and a charging structure for heavy users of General Support (1:1 consultancy) so we don't have to penalise everyone by increasing our prices to cover the very significant cost of providing this service. Please refer to the information provided on our contact page below each support telephone number for more information.