Getting Started – New to Ecological Hosting

This page is a quick start guide to setting up your email and web space, as well as how to access your Ecologicalhosting Account.

1. Setup your Email

Based on your domain name you’ll need to select the right Email Admin server.
Next you’ll want to log into Email Admin and create new email mailboxes as well as setup email aliases.

Finally you’ll probably want to configure your mail on your Mac or in Outlook.

You can access your email through our webmail facility, as well as set an out-of-office message and change your mailbox password.

2. Setup your website

Unless you’ve asked otherwise we will be in the process (or it will be already completed) of registering your new domain name or moving an existing domain to point to your new web hosting space.

Once it is setup you’ll probably need to upload your website into your web space.

Read FTP Basics on setting up and using an FTP (file transfer) client.

3. Access your Ecological Hosting Account

Need to check what products and services you have with us find out how to log into your Ecological Hosting Account.

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