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Customer Testimonials

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We have been extremely pleased with the service we have had at Ecological Hosting. They are reliable and have always done whatever it takes to ensure we have got what we need. Their passion to deliver coupled with their flexibility, helpful attitude and straightforward approach is truly inspiring.
Paul Hilliard, Executive Director,

Thank you.

You make everything so much easier than a big faceless ISP.

Mark Epton, Advocate Design Consultancy

If only all the ISPs, hosts and registrars that we deal with offered the same service – it would make our job a lot less stressful! Thanks again for your help.
Paul Govier of SolveIT working with Green Accountancy

You’re so thorough and enthusiastic about getting things sorted.

It’s so refreshing to deal with someone who actually cares about what they’re doing.

You really deserve to be at the top of the eco-hosting world!

Steve Williams, Fry’s Distribution UK

I want to let you know how delighted I have been with your service. You always respond very quickly, you are always extremely helpful and courteous, and any issues (not usually caused by you, btw) are dealt with swiftly and with no fuss. All this at a good price and whilst not destroying the planet – couldn’t be better.
Max Wiseberg, HayMax Limited

Athenaeum Ecological Hosting exemplifies what company-client relationships are supposed to be. This utterly delicious company is run by people who relate to their clients in complete alignment with the ethical standards the company is founded upon. Additionally, the knowledge-base, professionalism and customer service of owner Jamie Simpson is, quite simply, unparalleled. Athenaeum is without question the new paradigm. I could not offer a higher recommendation.
Erin Scott, The Alchemy of Holism

I really appreciate your excellent customer service. Your support this week with getting the new domains live was absolutely superb. My web developer was hugely impressed – I hope he’ll be putting some business your way from his other customers.


From a VERY satisfied customer.

Steve Ellis, Elcombe Firewood

Jamie is a service orientated provider of an excellent web hosting business. His professionalism and service standards have meant he’s been happy to go way beyond my expectations to ensure his service to my company is first class.

His beliefs and values led me to consider working with him. His service has made me a stronger advocate for Athenaeum Ltd & Ecological Hosting.

Jonathan Wood, Motivated and Competent

[My] website’s been preoccupied
By ecological fervour,
It’s moved its digital residence
To a solar-powered server!

It’s eco-friendly, clean and green,
And humming night and day.
So point your browser without guilt

Under the Californian sky
You’ll find it, gently toasting.
It’s up and running once again
Thanks to Ecological Hosting.

In March 2011, all these poems were moved to wind powered servers:

There’s a wind farm somewhere out there
That’s generating power
To keep these verses on the web
Hour after hour.

Thanks, Ecological Hosting,
For helping me sleep easy:
My poems won’t burn carbon
As long as it stays breezy. . .

Can’t get customer service like yours anywhere else – 2nd to none!
Richard Adcock, Lighthouse Consultancy

Your service has been exemplary so far. Your company is a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to your continuing success.
Jon Holyfield, JPH Computer Services

I’m really happy that I chose you as my web host. You always go above and beyond, and you have integrity to boot. It’s a pleasure working with you!
Jenny Deller, Script Writer – Film Director/Producer

Ecological Hosting manage all my domains. They are relatively cheap, but not the cheapest because they offer a good service, and won’t stitch you up!
Geoff Goostrey

I just wanted to write to say thanks for all of your help in setting up the two Joomla sites. I have worked with a few hosting companies and yours has the best customer support, by a long way.
Chris Williams, FOUND design

Thank you for your prompt and professional response. It’s a pleasure working with you.
Warren Puckett, Owner, Peatfire Studios

We have found Ecological Hosting to be extremely helpful and supportive. They have been very friendly, honest and diligent and their customer service is superb. Every question we have asked has been promptly and accurately answered. It has always been a pleasure to speak with them. The set up of the web hosting and ongoing service has been faultless.
David Wilsdon FCCA, Green Accountancy

It is essential for Ethical Junction to have a hosting company which operates ethically and gives excellent customer service. Ecological Hosting is friendly, reliable and operates with great integrity. We consider them to be a valuable part of our team.
Steven Knight, Ethical Junction

We are extremely impressed with Athenaeum’s services – the package provided us has been perfectly tailored to meet our needs. As importers of sustainably produced vegan products, it’s important to us that we do our best to uphold the highest ethical business practices – having such environmentally friendly web hosting helps us towards that goal. It’s so refreshing that there is an IT company that cares enough to offer these planet saving services in an industry that normally turns a blind eye!
Lisa Drummy, Beanie’s Health Foods

Ecological Hosting has exceeded my expectations. It’s so nice speak to a real human being about your needs and to get friendly advice back. The fact that it is environmentally friendly too just completes the package.
Jeanette Mullins, Owner, ecobean

I cannot praise enough the service I have had personally from ecological hosting. I have had a close working relationship with the company since it began and seen the care, concern and attention given to the people they deal with. Their ethics and morals are rare in the business world and to find this with such expert technical knowledge makes for a very special company indeed.

from a technophobic numpty

Rita Verity, Sonia’s Smile

Always a friendly voice ready to help, knowledgeable but not techy. We are very happy with the flexibility of service and product range, we are keen to recommend to everyone, large or small, commercial or personal.
Felix Lozano, Web Design Manager / Co-operative Director, Wave

We are so glad that we went with Ecological Hosting. The individual service we have had, the affordability and, of course, the fact that we are running our website in an ethically and environmentally sound way means that we would recommend Athenaeum to everyone.
Ali Hockings and Kelley Hann, Owners, The Totnes Nappy Company

Not only has Ecological Hosting provided Ethical Jobs with the only way to get a genuine UK based tree-free carbon-neutral hosting solution, the friendly and approachable nature in which their business is done makes a refreshing change from the impersonal so-called customer service departments of other professional hosting providers.

I would also like to mention the outstanding technical service which, although all issues thus far have been caused by us, have always patiently worked with us until a satisfactory solution has been achieved.

We are normally extremely reluctant to recommend business services but in this case we have absolutely no hesitation.

Jason Elliott, MD, Ethical Jobs Ltd

An excellent service, very friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
Katie Keegan, CEO,

I wanted to take the time to say a big "thank you". I am aware that you have done a lot for us and have gone out of your way on a number of occasions and it is appreciated. We are pleased to be using your solar powered service and I hope that your contributions are seen as going to a very worthwhile cause.
Peter Stanley, Strategic Director, Stop The Traffik

Thanks for your incredible service!! I never got such an individual and good service at any hosting provider in the last nine years. :-))
Webmaster of superusordo

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